Sunday 10 July 2016

Sugar and Spice

I'd like to lie and post about this facemask immediately after using it for the first time but unfortunately that was a few weeks ago, in a different city and with other humans present, but I can assure you the novelty of the fact it is self heating and actually warms up on your face does not wear off and still seems completely insane...

If you weren't already aware superdrug are amazing as a shop and a brand. They are cruelty free and label everything that is (which is most things) as vegan so that you don't have to google scary looking ingredients for hours on end and they are of course rather affordable. 

This face mask cost 99p and could easily be used for two faces, it goes on soooooo smoothly, smells incredible and you can feel it getting hotter the second it touches your skin. I left it on for far longer than the suggested 15 minutes accidentally but after taking it off my face felt super soft and far better than it had in a long while! It is definitely worth treating yourself with since it is so lovely for so little money, especially compared to Lush face masks which are my usual go to, because as great as they are, sometimes buying them is simply inconceivable on a student budget and quite frankly this was as nice an experience.


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