Wednesday 27 April 2016

Blue and Yellow

Denim Playsuit - Monki, Top- H&M, Boots- DMs, Watch- Casio

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Despite having absolutely no money to spare (as that seems to come hand in hand with being a student), I bought a top in H&M a couple of weeks ago (which in fairness was only £6.99) and I could definitely have waited until I got this terms student finance to buy it but there were 3 left and I LOVE the stripes and the colours are PERFECT and I would have regretted not picking it up if I'd had gone back to find it gone. They had a couple of variations on it if I remember correctly. 

It feels so retro and casual and I'm excited to wear it with absolutely everything though I do think my favourite thing to wear it with will forever be my Monki playsuit which I've featured on my blog probably a million times already which I imagine shows just how much I love it. 

H&M is a shop which I seem to go through phases with, I can't say I like it very much at the moment and this top was possibly the only thing I was at all fond of which is a shame, the sizing on this top is also quite odd, I bought a medium and it is definitely too big, wearable but I should have got a small which is just ridiculous because there are much smaller people than me who will want to buy this top I'm sure.



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