Sunday 20 March 2016

pretending the sun is out without going outside...

Shirt - Hobbs, Jeans - Primark, Shoes - Asos, Watch - Casio

Friday's outfit was one I thought I'd hate, my youngest brother (age 5) helped me choose and he did a rather good job though we both definitely should have been dressed for Winter not Summer as it was so freaking cold back home in the North. He was wearing shorts so I think we both were a little silly but I really like this outfit, my Mum bought herself these jeans last year and has since given them to me and I didn't really know what to pair them with so I suppose it ended up being this Hobbs cropped shirt which my Aunty handed down to me (I don't seem to buy clothes anymore?) and I had been desperate to wear as I adore the cut of it. I would like to point out too that I did iron it at the start of the day but it's seems to be one of those things that crinkles up but still looks fine so I rather love it.

The reason I went home for such a brief visit was for my brother's 14th birthday, I'm not sure he cared much whether I was there or not but I did and I'm glad I was there. I did take a few really lovely photos of him and my Mum but I don't know whether either of them would want me to, perhaps they'll read this and then let me know I can add it in, if so it'll be the last of the photos above! 

I didn't blog on Wednesday and I don't feel bad, my schedule is only there for me really and what I needed this week was a break. Usually I'd be more than happy to disclose why, no matter how personal, but it's personal to others as well as myself and it is quite sad so I'll leave you to guess if you like, probably not in the comments, I don't think that would be particularly pleasant. Regardless I've decided that actually what I need to do is keep busy and concentrated on everything so perhaps over Easter there will be a few more posts than normal.



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