Sunday 13 March 2016

In A Rush

Dress - Zara , Shoes & Bag - Primark

I have been SO excited to wear and post about this dress since buying it for only £5.99 in Zara the other week. There is a short story of how I came across this dress in that I took my sister and her pal shopping whilst they stayed in nottingham for the weekend, and after seeing some of the gorgeous things friends had been picking up in the Zara sales I was desperate to go and have a look. I found and tried on 2 pairs of trousers and a top but in the queue for the changing rooms I overheard the sales assistants talking about a specific rack of clothes needing to be taken out into the sale section and I spotted and fell in love with this dress. Instead of politely asking to have a look at it, I went into the changing rooms tried on what I had and left as quickly as possible to find the dress as soon as they put it out.. and I did and I didn't care to try it on, I took it straight to the till because even if it wasn't going to fit me I needed this dress! I would have paid a lot more for it (though being a student I couldn't have...) because I adore the print and colours and cut of it so much. It's A-line with flared sleeves and a low-ish scooped back and is just the retro dress of my dreams.

I wore it last weekend to my flatmate's 21st birthday party... hence the above photos being taken in my kitchen as I was so desperate to blog about it... and it's so comfy and cute. My shoes on the other hand were much less comfortable, they were only £6 from primark which along with the bag being under £3 for sure made my entire outfit less than £20 which I must say I'm still very impressed with.

Harri's party was at a cute bar in Nottingham (where the photo below is taken, with Laura and Robin) and she had ever so kindly asked them to make me a vegan pizza which was delicious and so lovely of her to be worrying about me eating when she had a million other things to think about!

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What I have learnt from this is that Zara sales are incredible and that I need to go in there much more often because who knows what I will find.



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