Wednesday 9 March 2016

A Little Bit Of Shimmer

Coat - Topshop, Turtle Neck - Primark, Cami - Topshop , Skirt - Asos, Shoes - River Island,
Bag - UO 

I bought this super sparkly cami in the post-christmas sales and have been desperate to wear it but since it's been cold I have resorted to layering it with my trusty grey roll neck and I actually really love wearing it like this and regret not doing it sooner! I adore wearing glitter but this far after Christmas it does feel a bit weird so I like that this top is colourful and not fully sparkly to the point of being quite intense...

I of course teamed this layered top combo with a trusty A-line denim skirt. I actually am not that keen on this skirt any more, which would be because though fitting my waist perfectly it does have to stretch over my hips which annoys me because it creates these almost folds in the denim and it's just annoying. H O W E V E R, I did think a lighter denim would contrast nicely with the dark wintery feel the outfit had already and I think in that sense it worked perfectly.

(I have also just realised that it's probably quite weird to point out how my clothes don't fit quite how I'd want them to but I'd say it if I were talking to you in person so I don't see why I shouldn't here!)

I'm super glad to be doing another outfit post, it feels like ages since my last one and they are of course the main substance to my blog! If you have any summer clothes you layer in winter to keep warm please let me know what and how because I do love to mess around with my wardrobe...



  1. Love that coat! You look amazing :3

    Ana ♥ N/POST


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