Friday 25 March 2016

MOM Jeans

Jeans - Topshop, Top - Monki, Shoes - CDG x Converse , Headscarf - Monki

These are my oldest pair of jeans which I find quite peculiar because they are definitely less than 3 years old, there's a hole in the pocket and I'm not even that keen on them but something is making me keep them. I think it is possibly the ease of being able to throw anything with them to make an okay outfit or the fact they're quite comfy but I do definitely have a fondness for them. My go to casual outfits are currently anything denim and a t-shirt so this outfit does not stray away from that. I've also been wearing my converse a lot, I think because as it gets warmer Docs feel like too much shoe for my feet? and converse sort of look quite cool with everything.

The casualness of this outfit very much demonstrates my current state of exhaustion, I feel like I am constantly busy with uni or remembering to eat real food (I had pain au chocolat for dinner the other day,...) and then I like to be able to spend time with actual people too so once all that is done there is less time to sleep and I need a break. 

I'm travelling home for Easter tomorrow which is a break I definitely need. I need to catch up on sleep, drink lot's of tea and listen to Lucy Rose on repeat forever in the comfort of having someone else cook my food and being home in time for Pizza night which let's be honest is the dream.

I think my blogging schedule has been a bit off because of being so distracted constantly but I have decided that although mostly posts will be on Wednesday's and Sunday's, if they're not then there will definitely be two posts regardless.

I hope you have a lovely Easter weekend!




  1. These photos are so beautiful!
    I love mom jeans. They're literally the most comfortable piece of clothing I have and ever had. You styled them so well! <3 x Alona

  2. My Topshop mom jeans have a massive rip down the back due to wear and I'm so sad! Love your converse, i really want a pair of the Comme Des Garcons play converse, they're so cool. x


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