Sunday 20 December 2015

Winter Evenings

Cardigan and Blouse - Primark / Trousers - Pringles / Boots - Dr Martens

As much as I adore Christmas, I really don't like the shorter days, mostly because it means the light isn't there to keep me awake and happy and I just feel the need to sleep constantly. I had to take these outfit photos inside as it was dark all day.  I love this outfit though and it kept me more than warm enough when shopping in the crisp cold and walking back from a babysitting job quite late at night. 

These trousers are one of my favourite things to wear though I often do find it difficult choosing exactly what to pair with them, as I said in my original post about them (which you can have a nosey at here), I love the androgynous shape to them and feeling like Katherine Hepburn surely never hurt anybody!




  1. I adore those trousers, they look like they can be both professional and formal and more casual depending on the rest of the outfit. I love your pairing of the cheetah print cardigan to liven the outfit up.

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  3. If you're feeling asleep and low of energy during winter days - I'd recommend you to ask your doctor about B-group vitamins. I do really suffer from such a problem and my doctor gave me some B-group vitamin mix, and yep, it's working. At least I'm not asleep every time and I can do qualified writing for my study. And yep, your outfit is good, as always)


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