Wednesday 23 December 2015

Coffee and Cake

Skirt - Charity Shop , Top - Fred Perry 

Bag - Urban Outfitters , Boots - Dr Martens

Coat - Topshop 

Today (Sunday 20th) John and I went into Manchester for shopping and coffee and I had a lovely day, despite a week of grey skies and rain today was relatively sunny and beautiful for most of the day which was fab and I managed to get the last of my Christmas presents. I can't say I enjoy shopping because to an extent I absolutely hate it which you would not expect from the amount I do it and especially the amount of pointless things I manage to buy but I actually quite like shopping with John a lot. I get bored when we spend ages choosing which shoes he should get but it doesn't feel like a chore and I suppose we window shop more than actually shop which is super.

Unfortunately John's camera battery was rather low (empty) but I was determined to get a blog post out of our day so he very kindly took my outfit photos on his phone, so I apologise for the quality compared to usual but I think we did as best we could and they aren't the worst photos! This rose printed skirt was a charity shop find by my Mother, once again, originally from Matalan but I love it and wear it all the time. It reminds me a lot of a skirt I had from Boden when I was about 15 which I had saved up for and totally adored. It's not exactly the same, the shape is, but the print is much smaller than the Boden skirt but I think because it is quite similar it just feels very me.

We went to the Foundation Coffee House after our afternoon of wandering, browsing and buying which is in the Northern Quarter in Manchester next door to Fred Aldous on Lever Street and is a lovely open space offering vegan cakes and nibbles as well as plenty of coffee. John ordered an Orange Hot Chocolate which he was very pleased with whilst I got an Iced Soya Latte and we shared a rather H U G E slice of Vegan Almond Cake which was delicious and I could eat over and over again...

I hope you're also having a good December, I think I've been quite busy but it's probably good since I'm not at Uni until January.



  1. Love your outfit :3

    Ana ♥ N/POST

  2. Looks that your weekend was great. I love coffee too and especially with dessert. I've found a lot of receipts on which are used by most famous cafes.


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