Friday 18 September 2015

Vegan What I Ate Today | 4

Breakfast 6.22am...+Toast at 8.30am

Since I was woken up extraordinarily early I decided to eat a papaya, This was the first time I had tried one and I'm still not sure if I liked it. I think I expected it to taste more tropical and exciting but honestly it just reminded me of a cantaloupe melon which I'm not too crazy about either, though I did eat the whole thing so it couldn't have been that bad. I also later had 2 pieces of toast from my Dad's homemade bread with margarine and vegemite on the go.

Lunch 11.50am

John very kindly treated me to breakfast for lunch at odd bar in the Northern Quarter in Manchester (thanks John, Love you) I had the Vegantastic breakfast which consisted of tomato, mushroom, toast, tofu scramble, beans, a hash brown, a bean patty and two falafel sausages. The falafel sausages were super although I think the tofu scramble could have been seasoned with turmeric and salt and pepper to make it better. I can't complain however as I did eat the lot.

Snacks (throughout the day)

For a morning snack I had a handful of homemade vegan peanut butter cuptype things which were delicious and a bottle of lucozade pink lemonade, I don't drink fizzy drinks regularly at all but after waking up so early I thought it might make me feel a bit more peppy. On my way home from manchester in the afternoon my Dad and I both had a smooze thing on the train, mine was coconut and pink guava and though slightly melted and messy it was yummy.


My dinner looks way too yellow and I'll be first to admit that but Friday is chip night and I had picked up two Clive's pies in town for me and my Mum to share (which actually have a tonne of veggies in and are really good!) as we both get a bit bored of chips... After dinner I also had some watermelon which I did not photograph as it was too dark.



  1. I love such posts! As someone who eats 99% vegan (every once in a while during work I might grab a biscuit or a coffee that contains milk, but I really shouldn't!), it's really interesting to see what other people eat, to get more ideas for my own cooking.

    1. I'm glad you appreciate it! I love being able to see what other people eat too! x


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