Wednesday 16 September 2015

Best Vegan Eats in Paris.

This week on my blog is going to be a foodie one. I would say I'm not intentionally doing this but I'd be lying. A very good friend of mine expressed her love for my 'what I eat in a day' posts so even if it's only her who appreciates this then that is fine by me because I LOVE FOOD and I appreciate it.

If you know me at all then you know I'm vegan and if you know anything about France, it's possibly the fact that it's not the most veggie friendly of places, but after trying and testing what Paris has to offer for vegans myself at the end of last month I though the internet deserved my opinion, so below are 4 incredible places to eat as a vegan in Paris.

L'Allume Burger (John let me try a bit of this and it was amazing)

Tata-Monique Burger (mmmmmmmm!)

Takeaway bag with sides, dips and drinks in.


Hank - by far my favourite place to eat possibly ever - stands for Have A Nice Karma and is a vegan Burger restaurant and it is amazing. Not only were the staff super friendly and helpful but the food was delicious. My boyfriend and I went to Hank twice, the first time I must admit quite skeptically as I'm not particularly fond of  'faux meats' but I was more than happy with my order. Both times we went I ordered the Tata-Monique with vegan cheese, which consisted of a tomato and basil sauce and black olives along with the consistent base of vegan burger and salad on a bread bun. Along with your burger you can either get a side and a drink to total at 11 euros or a side,drink and dessert at 13 euros which was so reasonably priced considering the quality of the food. Everything about the food was fresh and not oily at all, they also serve a homemade vegan mayonnaise with fries and coleslaw that is the most amazing thing you will ever eat. Unfortunately we didn't photograph the desserts we got but we both tried a cookie when we went for the second time and both agreed that they were phenomenal. John had a plain chocolate chip cookie which he said 'didn't taste vegan at all' and I had the chocolate chip, nut and raspberry cookie which was the best cookie I've ever eaten and am desperate to recreate.
Even if you're not vegan this is definitely a great place to visit and I can promise you will not be disappointed.

2. Brasserie Lola

Brasserie Lola was the perfect way to end our trip to the Eiffel Tower. From the outside it appears to just be a regular brasserie but with an entirely vegan menu it is a great method of feeling like a proper tourist in paris. A bit pricier than everywhere else but all the same good food. John ordered a vegan cheese burger which he enjoyed but in comparison to Hanks burger he didn't think it was nearly as good. I ordered the Lola Club Sandwich which was an avocado-mayonnaise with roasted veggies and salad and it was very lovely, the portions are massive which I think is what makes it more expensive than a normal sandwich. For Dessert we ordered a chocolate cake and a scoop of strawberry ice cream to share, both of which were incredible and I want to be able to eat again. Staff were lovely and really helpful, definitely worth a visit if you don't mind spending a bit more money although it isn't dissimilar to usual Parisian prices.

3. Exki

Exki is great if you're travelling with non-vegans, it isn't a vegan restaurant at all but it does have plenty of vegan options and is relatively cheap. If you check the menu's on their website it does label things as vegan but when you're actually there you just have to go for things labelled as Vege and Dairy Free which isn't difficult at all, they also label the ingredients of most items in french and english too. We went here a few times, twice I got soup which was lovely, when I was feeling a bit ill one day they had a vegan potato soup and I was over the moon because when I'm ill I only like to eat potato (a strange habit I developed at uni during a chest infection...) and it was delicious. The photograph above is of when John convinced me to get a curry which was delicious it was super creamy and not oily at all and it was so comforting to have been able to check the ingredients myself without having to awkwardly ask in my appalling french. Above you can also see the watermelon drink I recently based a recipe on here on my blog which, needless to say was sooo lovely.

4. My Kitch'n

I have followed Jennifer Eric of My Kitch'n Paris on instagram for a long while before we'd even planned to go to paris and was always super curious of this quirky looking place. I knew what I wanted to order from instagram before we went and I was so pleased when I finally got to eat this beautiful food. First of all Jennifer is lovely and My Kitch'n is decorated perfectly in my opinion, it was a really pleasant place to be. I ordered the Sushi Burrito, Coconut Water and for dessert the banana split, all of which were super yummy and I could eat again and again and again. Although it is definitely somewhere you have to plan to go to I recommend going out of your way to eat there (and definitely get the banana split!) 

Let me know if there's anywhere you think I should have paid a visit too!



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  2. Absolutely loved this post, but your Paris posts are making me so envious - I want to go back so much! Your burgers looked absolutely immense and the rest of the food. When I went we struggled to find places to eat due to being in the wrong place at wrong time, I think I lived off pizza for the few days. Please keep doing your 'What I Eat In A Day' posts, I find them really interesting 💕

    1. Awww thank you! It is such an incredible place! Yeah I think food can be quite difficult abroad, you kind of have to have a bit of a plan or you'll end up with just a trip to a corner shop which we did do quite a lot! I will I'm glad you like them! x

  3. HUMM looks amazing *-*

    Ana ♥

  4. We actually do have plenty of vegan options in Paris, the only thing is you need to know where to find them ahead..! Otherwise I guess it is a bit of a nightmare here, with all the traditional meat and dairy loving' traditional french food. Next time you're around, I recommend Dune, Hobbes, Soya, Las Vegans, and Cafe Ginger!
    Haven't tried Brasserie Lola or My Kitchen myself yet as they are quite far from my place, but you definitely made me want to give it a go :)


    1. You definitely do! When I was doing my research before we visited there was a lot I jut think the difficult part is planning where to eat on days out to specific places, so there were places I wanted to eat but it just wasn't convenient with everything else we were doing! I'm excited to go back though at some point :) xx


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