Sunday 20 September 2015

Dozing in the sun

Towards the end of our trip I was tired, I also found out that it's much easier to be tired when you're somewhere relatively warm. I would have taken outfit photos this day but in complete honesty I couldn't be bothered, I just wanted to have a chilled day and I think I succeeded. The weather was really pleasant and we went to Jardin de Luxembourg which seemed the kind of place you should walk around but I was quite stubborn in the fact that I just wanted to sit down and admire my view, John and I also played a game where we guessed where passers by's clothes were from. This game is much more difficult when you're not at home with knowledge of most shops.

My second to last day in Paris is my last Paris blog post and I'm actually quite sad about it, I've really enjoyed reflecting upon my travels with you! If you didn't catch the others, you can see them all here under the 'Paris' tag. I really enjoyed our visit and Paris is honestly such a beautiful city and I would go back in a heart beat.




  1. lovely photos :3

    Ana ♥

  2. Glad you loved your trip! Beautiful photos♥♥

  3. Beautiful photos of such a beautiful city
    The little snippets of your outfit look very Parisian Chic!
    Glad you had such a great time


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