Monday 24 November 2014

grumpy hat

Hat and Coat - H&M, Top- primark, Bag- eBay, Skirt- me (I made it!), Shoes -Docs

Right now I should probably be reading for or writing an assignment or something but I figure that the fact I've already done some work today it leaves for a break and this is therefore acceptable... 

These photos were taken when I was last at home which was the end of October so this post is definitely greatly delayed and overdue but better late than never. I pretty much had to wear a hat when I was at home, for some reason or other I decided to only bring one woolly hat to Uni with me even though I completely adore my little hat collection and feel slightly lost without having the option of a hat to complete my outfit.

I made this skirt about a year ago with help from my mother, I'm not that great at sewing but I'd like to be and I love A-line skirts and the pastel blue and purple vintage tweed is just perfect. I'm quite proud if you can't tell.

I didn't do anything particularly exciting this day apart from go shopping with my sister but I love going back home and I do sometimes get a little bit homesick and would just much rather be there. I love university though, my course is brilliant and I think I've made good friends and Nottingham is great but sometimes I'd just rather be at home and I'm told that's probably normal.

I'm really loving autumn at the moment and crisp mornings and being outside when it's cold but I'm looking forward to being home for Christmas so much!

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