Sunday 19 October 2014


Since moving to Nottingham I've spent far too much time being poorly and stuck in bed but I've also spent a lot more time than I usually can with my friend Helena which is the very best. Today we went for 'shopping' (by which I mean wandering aimlessly around the city center not remembering anything I needed to buy..) and we went for Tea at The Coffee House which is adorable and so small inside but perfect and the tea we had was incredible.

We tried the Orange and Passion fruit tea which was better than I could have imagined it to be, I'm definitely more of a coffee girls and it's not often a tea is so impressive! I definitely recommend giving it a visit, such a lovely little place.

Dress- Vintage, Bag- Topshop, Tights- Primark, Shoes- Topshop. Coat- Viyella 

So much of Nottingham is so pretty and I don't think I'll get bored of exploring it any time soon, among the inevitable over flowing work load while I'm here at Uni I do plan on finding as many interesting places as I can and visiting the castle and all the presumably touristish things to do.

This is Helena, Helena is cool.

I've discovered recently that when I'm up early I spend too much time on my make up but I thought that this was quite an autumnal look and I'm starting to really enjoy wearing eyeliner again although I definitely always go a little bit overboard with it.. I was also quite proud of my lip colour, I used a brown lip liner from natural collection with my mac 'Creme d'Nude lipstick which I adore and think it makes a very good 'autumn spice' inspired nude lip!

These shoes are possibly my favourite things at the moment, before these my only non black shoes were my Docs and I felt like some cute brown flats were a necessity and these do the job perfectly! The best part for me is that they aren't leather but are still adorable because I used to find it quite difficult to find non-leather shoes that I really liked but I'm increasingly seeing more and more of them which is great!

University so far is brilliant, I'm not quite sure what people expect of going to Uni but I've decided it is different for everyone and everyone does their own thing and goes about life in their own way and I think for me, other than my course which I'm really enjoying, that is the very best part because I can carry on doing my own thing and that probably doesn't make much sense but to put it simply it is great here. I am very excited to go home for Christmas though, I'll definitely be bored of cooking every meal for myself by then!



  1. cappotto carinissimo (: xoxo, Rebecca.
    * Fammi sapere cosa ne pensi del mio nuovo post:

  2. such a gorgeous outfit!

    from helen at


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