Saturday 28 March 2020


Hola... so that’s how I started this blog post before blogger mysteriously deleted the entire thing. I’m not angry at all, that’s a complete lie, I’m so angry it’s ridiculous but there’s nothing I can do about it so let’s not dwell. Hopefully it is as perfect as the previous post but I suppose we’ll soon see. 

As I’m sure you’re plenty aware, I’m stuck in the house and so are most other people which means I’m consuming more art than normal which I’m very happy about. This means plenty more music so I thought I’d share what I’ve been listening to at home... 

The fact that I’m stuck with my lovely Finn at the moment means I can’t binge listen to the same Taylor Swift or Harry Styles albums unless I’m in a room alone which is basically never. So, these are the playlists I’ve been listening to, to keep me happy and Finn happy. 

First, lonely and in love, my favourite playlist. So mellow and sweet and chilled out, honestly the perfect lockdown playlist. It’s not too cheerful but it is generally happy and a tiny bit solemn. I love it, so very much. 

The second playlist, 70s Rock Radio, is pretty much an ode to car journeys with my Dad and the radio stations he’s shears listening to. But just 1970s GOOD (mostly classic rock) music. It’s a bloody good playlist, and why not pretend you’re dancing around your lounge in the 70s, I can’t think of a better way to be stuck in the house. 

So, as well as my own playlists and music choices, Finn has obviously also had a say in what we’re listening too and his voice lately is, 2000&10s. An aptly named, 39 hour long playlist, of everything Finn fancied putting together from the past ten years. Definitely one to have on shuffle, and you definitely can’t be fussy when listening to this one. 

And finally, a playlist that reminds me of every summer from 2010-2015... boring fucking indie kid. Honestly, a brilliant playlist, you’ll feel like you’re a teenager having a fruit cider in the garden with your mates. Not a particularly groundbreaking playlist, but pop this on shuffle and you’ll be reminded of some absolute bangers and potentially terrible memories of an ex. 

And that’s it, there’s some music I think you might like to keep you going through this very strange situation. Let me know if you’d like more posts like this on the future. Lots of love. 


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