Wednesday 18 March 2020


Well, I had intended to be blogging a lot more than I have been recently and my only excuse is being busy and then tired, and there's not much I value more than sleep so the blogging wasn't going to happen.

Day 1 of household isolation at my boyfriend's family's house (where I live 3\7 says a week anyway) nearly 10pm and I'm not at all tired because I napped all afternoon. My Dad very bloody kindly just dropped off some stuff to keep me entertained including my tablet, some books, my camera and a cuddly. Hence the rather immediate pick up tablet, write blog post thing that's gaining right now. 

I don't particularly want to discuss COVID-19 at all but that is obviously why I'm in isolation. There are no confirmed cases within the household, just symptoms but that's how things are working currently. I mean I know for a fact I'm not well, my last 2 days at work I felt far too near to the point of collapsing and probably should never have gone in. Everything could be worse is all I keep thinking. 

Anyway, here are some cute photos from before I got unwell. Maybe this pandemic will somehow make us, as a society, improved and more gentle. I certainly hope so, the world needs a bit more kindness.

Lots of love and well wishes,

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