Thursday 6 February 2020


The other day I asked a question over on my Instagram stories which got a MASSIVE response. I asked, what comment or "compliment" my followers had received but did not at all appreciate. I gave the example of the fact that I received a DM request in reply to a previous story "smile lol" - Which quite frankly angered me more than maybe out should... However, I believe you should never tell anybody to "smile". It's in the same linguistic category as saying "cheer up love" as far as I'm concerned at its not okay for SO many reasons.

You may be aware that I studied Linguistics at university, so I'd argue that I'm plenty qualified enough to discuss this with authority. I apologise if I'm coming across as a bit angry but it's because I am. "Smile" and "cheer up love" are often said to women, by complete strangers, usually men, and I will never cheer up or smile for the sake of a man. I will never alter my self or my sense of self for anyone, especially a stranger.

I have known my entire life that I have complete control over my own emotions and that all emotions are entirely valid and beautiful. I'll pout and frown and cry if I want to. If that makes you uncomfortable, if you'd be more comfortable with a false smile, then I'm truly sorry, but you really shouldn't be bothered.

To put it quite simply, don't tell me to smile.


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