Wednesday 15 May 2019


So, presuming the majority of my audience are millennials I'm also going to presume you've all worked some sort of customer services job?! And therefore will totally understand where I'm coming from when I say that working full time, in customer services, makes you bitter.

I like my job plenty but you do end up disliking humanity a little more every day. In general, I'd say I'm an otherwise very positive and hopeful person when it comes to people. I genuinely believe all people have the potential to be good and kind (though some choose to be shitbags) yet, somehow, this doesn't happen in a 'the customer is always right' world. I'd like to point out it is only the customer who believes this to be true; it is, in fact, a ridiculous notion, because quite frankly if you have been trained to do the job and are doing it, you are immediately more qualified to know what is right and it is rarely the customer.

Like anyone, I go home and talk about what I did all day at work, the good and bad bits - often focusing on the one shitty customer I served or spoke to, even though I also served a hundred nice people and worked well with my colleagues. There needs to be a shift in the way I focus my energy on this, disregarding the not-so-nice moments and focusing on the more positive ones. Acknowledging the fact that this is what is making me bitter is the first step.

I don't think anyone enjoys feeling bitter; I certainly don't and to be honest, it ends up giving me a headache. I don't like having the weight of hatred and loathing on my shoulders when I could be concentrating on all the love I have instead. So, I may currently be feeling as bitter as a lemon, but I'm trying to let that go.

Happy mental health awareness week and welcome to the ridiculous inner workings of my mind...


*photos featured by the wonderful Magdalena.

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