Tuesday 19 February 2019


Let’s dig out the vintage bits and dress real cute just because... 


Although actually, the vintage bits featured in this post are all new to me. I bought them at Barnardos Vintage in Cheadle, Stockport, and they’re god damn dreamy. The lilac shirt only cost my £2 and once I’d cut the shoulder pads out (not for me) is just beautiful. I hate the colour purple - I dunno why, something to do with compromising on bedroom wall colours as a child I think - but somehow am just obsessed with this top. I think it’s the potential I could see it having in my wardrobe, it’s a colour that looks good with warm and cool tones and light and dark colours and that made me happy. The jacket is the other vintage piece I’m wearing, I bought it with a matching skirt and it is so Chanel-esque which I’m of course keen on. The skirt needs a bit of work to be something I’ll actually wear but the jacket was good to go and I couldn’t resist pairing it with the lilac blouse and a denim mini, I mean seriously- how cute is this little outfit. Super-70s and 100% me. 

I love love love feeling like myself in an outfit and this is the kind of look I know I’ll still be wearing in 40 years... absolutely timeless.


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