Tuesday 2 January 2018



HAPPY NEW YEAR. This isn't going to be a post about hopes and expectations and aspirations for the following year, though I certainly have them. Nor is it going to be a reflection of the past year. I'm sure you're all super interested in my life and the inner workings of my brain but instead, let's talk about my outfit and these photos. 

My 7-year-old brother took these photos on the walk back from the post office just after Christmas. He took them on my phone because it's his favourite thing to do, usually, he likes to throw in a couple of shots of his feet and some twigs and we inevitably take outfit pictures of him too but he actually took these ones pretty seriously. Though he did take over 200 which he found hilarious.

Yellow is one of my most favourite colours and I think it looks ace with my pink hair. The only problem is, I have my yellow biker jacket from Missguided which I adore and like to wear with everything, therefore, meaning I don't own much else that is yellow. When I got my square neck tops from Asos it was with the intention to get more plain tops but that I don't find boring. I was also hoping the shape of the neckline would be quite flattering on me, which I think it is. It sits well on my narrow shoulders and shows a bit of skin but not too much and not cleavage.

I teamed it with these ace wide leg jeans from the Next clearance that I got for Christmas. I didn't have any black jeans as there are not that many styles of jeans I like enough to have in more than just a mid wash blue but I have always and will always love a wide leg. They aren't perfect for winter as you do get rather cold but I just wear long socks or fishnets underneath. I also borrowed my Moms lovely vegan Dr Marten Chelsea boots as, unfortunately, my Docs are falling apart which look really cool. I'd say I wore them because I think that black jeans require non-black shoes but I don't actually have any plain black shoes anyway.

This might be the last 2017 outfit I share on the blog but I do have a couple of photos of what I wore for NYE that I may post eventually. Regardless, I hope 2017 was good to you and that 2018 will be even better.


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