Tuesday 7 November 2017



So I've found myself rather the busybody recently and due to this am only going to do one post per week, I'll do more when and if I have time but all I consistently have time for is the one. Especially over the weekend having had my sister and Kayleigh stay over which is always tonnes of fun and actually means I have an extra person to take photos for me however sometimes there just isn't enough time to sit down on my own and just write or edit or whatever.

I think this outfit is simultaneously my least and most favourite ever. I have a love-hate relationship with red and pink in combination though I am entirely obsessed with any outfit that feels like I'm still in pyjamas. These trousers were stolen from my sister in that she bought them, didn't like them and gave them to me. They're not at all something I would have chosen myself but they are super duper comfortable and actually look really cool. They remind me of motorbike racing and how much I adored Valentine Rossi as a child, not at all a bad thing.

I paired these trousers with my fave red jumper because I wanted to be cosy and I felt like the black and white check needed some red. The trainers were simply for comfort though they do look pretty cool and gave me an excuse to show of my new space-themed socks from Primark. I seem to constantly be in need of socks and I hate having boring plain ones. I usually go for glitter or frills but when I spotted these I neeeeded them. I kind of want some with dinosaurs on but I can't actually find any yet.


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