Friday 17 November 2017



So, writing this in bed in Tenerife feels a little odd since this is an outfit post not only including a fluffy jumper and tights but an actual raincoat *eye rolls*. I’ve either become a proper Mancunian by buying, owning and wearing a raincoat or I’ve done the opposite and become a bit pathetic when it comes to weather. Who knows, you decide! 

BUT this is a pretty darn good raincoat. I love the colour and the fact it looks ace with my current candy floss coloured hair, I love that it’s lightweight but completely waterproof, I can fit at least two jumpers and a top on underneath which is fab when you like your layers AND it only cost me £17 from Newlook! I’m not going to lie, I was sceptical, in a dream world I’d get a gorgeous bright yellow Rains waterproof but I’m a student and way too far into my overdraft to even consider that, so I was very glad to find a coat I liked the look of for a decent price. 

You could put this raincoat on top of ANY outfit and look darn adorable so I’m pretty keen. This outfit is one of many textures, my vinyl skirt was a night out inspired purchase but paired with tights and this super soft knit from Primark is an autumnal dream and I look forward to styling it down more often as opposed to dressing it up. (Let’s be real though, this skirt with a band tee for a night out and you’re good to go.) I’m hoping it’ll bode well for layering so we will see. Regardless of all of this, i love the contrast of my matte raincoat with the high shine skirt and the fluffy jumper, it’s just somehow very aesthetically pleasing to wear. 

I would lie and say the rips in my tights were intentional but when are they? One was a complete accident while tidying my room, the next couple were to make it fit in... I hate cheap tights. 

Ordinarily, I don’t think this outfit would be warm enough for November, but for just popping to the shop or going for a walk I reckon it’s pretty alright. I also have a pretty skewed view of November weather hopping from Notts to Tenerife and back to Leeds and Sheffield, once I’m back I’ll probably want to be putting on several more jumpers and the notorious super cosy tights will no doubt be brought out!! 

There will be a couple of posts in regards to my short stay in Tenerife within the next week so if you’re interested, keep your eyes peeled! -like oranges. 


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  1. This is such a cute raincoat! I have a red one that was a hand me down from my sister and it's super coat but not very big, so when I wear a jumper in it I feel like my arms look like the Michelin man. I hate accidental ladders- on some people they look cool and edgy (you) but on me they just seem to stretch throughout the entire length of the tight, subsequently making me look like a tit aha. I hope you're enjoying Tenerife! x


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