Wednesday 11 October 2017

super happy wednesday

Having depression means that, even on medication, sometimes you just can't cope. It's horrible, feeling so small and incapable of just doing normal, everyday things. I don't want to ever have to miss university or feel like I'm a bit behind everyone else but sometimes I just am. As I write this I've been crying since yesterday, not really knowing why and.... 

Then I stopped writing. Which was probably for the best. Yesterday was mental health awareness day and the day before is when I started this post. I feel like at times I talk about mental health too often on my blog but it literally affects every aspect of my life so it's sort of helpless. 

I take medication daily for depression. At first, we thought I could have Seasonal Affective Disorder which is still a possibility and quite likely, meaning I'm sadder and more depressed in the winter months. The only way I cope and get out of bed every day is my medication and as great as it is, depression doesn't just go. It gets a hell of a lot easier but sometimes you'll still just cry without apparent reason and being okay with that is super difficult yet completely necessary. If the only thing you do all day is sleep and cry that's okay. 

Maybe one day I'll be able to talk about all this in a much more informed and intelligent way but I'm still figuring it all out. 

Look after yourselves Huns, 

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