Sunday 13 August 2017



I'd say my wardrobe is more colourful and confusing than most. I love colour and pattern and texture and clashing prints and different shapes etc so I always surprise myself a tiny bit by wearing all black. Though it does happen quite regularly. I spotted this incredible mesh dress in the Topshop sale while shopping for a friends birthday present and I had to get it because it is the easiest thing to throw on, as well as to dress up or down. I'm v happy with it and plan on wearing it on many nights out basically until it falls apart - I feel like because it's mesh it will fall apart at eventually. It also makes a pretty good beach cover up type thing.

I feel a little bit disconnected from these photos now. Our holiday feels like forever ago so I don't really know what to tell you. These photos were taken at Kilcatherine point which was so incredibly beautiful. These photos do it no justice, mostly because they're of me but it was honestly stunning and I wish I could portray that to you.



  1. This is the cutest dress I have ever seen! Also I love your sandals, I really want a pair of Doc Marten sandals but I spent so long deciding whether I wanted a pair of those or Birkenstocks that days had passed and now it would just be impractical for me to buy some. Also if you don't mind me asking- what camera do you use your picture quality is insane !

  2. Thank you! Ahh yes that is a tricky decision, I'd say the Doc Marten Sandals are a great choice, though perhaps a little impractical as Summer is ending unfortunately! These were taken on my sisters Canon1100D, it is a FAB camera! x

  3. You look so pretty!! Loving the sheer dress, I've been looking at a few similar but can't push myself into buying them. Also in love with those sandals, I love my docs but could never tell if the sandals would be comfy. You lovely as always, love the post!

    Lucy Jane | Infinity of Fashion


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