Wednesday 28 June 2017


"I hate pink" is a statement that has always frequented my thoughts and my lips and everyone who know's me's ears. It's also a lie. Half way to a lie anyway, there's not a single colour I hate and I pink unfortunately suits me rather well I think. What I hate about, and have always hated about, the colour is the connotations; the presumptions of femininity but not even that, of a child-like girly innocence which I almost definitely possess but detest. I need to give it up as the hatred only feeds to pre-conceived notions of gender and norms that I hope to one day be non-existent. So here's a very pink outfit. 

(Admittedly I had an all pink outfit when I was about 10 from mini-boden which I completely adored so clearly the pink hatred never got in the way really.)

This top has quickly become my favourite, as every t-shirt I ever purchase from monki does, who doesn't love a bit of girl (or should I say Lady?) power on a bright pink tee. I bought this floral skirt from the carnaby street monki store while I was visiting Helena a little while ago and have already blogged the matching jacket. I haven't actually worn them together yet though that was the intention. For once in my life I'm being patient and waiting for the perfect bare legs but not-too-hot with a jacket on weather.  I don't think there has ever been a more me denim anything than this pair though, I love how fun and playful this doodly floral is as well as the kittenish colours, it's something I think I will have in my wardrobe until it has literally fallen apart. 

These pink mules as well! I am actually in love. My friend Lydia got the black/blue-ish pair and I just thought they were gorgeous and was lusting after the pink pair since. I wish I didn't shop at primark but I do and I love that they ripped off the Gucci Pink Princetown Donald Duck Brocade Mules minus the donald duck because it means I can have a super cheap non leather pair. They are however clearly missing out on an opportunity to pop a goofy cartoon character on them for ultimate kitschiness though I suppose that was not their aim... either way I couldn't be happier to finally have a pair of shiny pink shoes to wear with lot's of pink things.


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