Tuesday 25 April 2017



Fun fact: I paid for this jumper in almost entirely 10p coins... the cashier didn't seem too impressed. I love it. I love the colour red, it makes me happy and this a jumper so in this instance it also makes me cosy. Fishnet tights do not, on this day they were possibly the worst idea because I was actually freezing. It gets to about april and I sort of give up on coats and warm tights because I just assume I'll be fine. This is not true and I really should know that by the grand old age of 21.

I didn't do much over my easter break from uni due to illness which was a shame but this day I did manage to drag myself out for coffee with my sister and our friends and it was lovely. I got straight back into bed when I got home. Since all this I've had my birthday and nights out and a joint birthday party with my housemate, as well as being back at uni having had little to no sleep. I'm exhausted. I've had the best week back in Nottingham so far, but with friends handing in their dissertations and leaving uni this year I am starting to realise that it will be me next year and it is so scary. I have a vague idea of what I want to do with my life but right now I just don't want to leave NTU or Nottingham ever.


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