Sunday 30 April 2017

I'm Still 21... and wearing the yellow sparkly dress of your dreams

 Dress - Kimchi Blue via UO 
Shoes - Primark
Necklace - Pia

If you didn't already know I turned 21 and I'll be announcing it to the world as often as I can until I'm 22, at which point I'll just be obnoxiously singing Taylor Swift in everyone's face for a year. I wanted to take proper outfit photos of this dress because it is honestly so beautiful but there just wasn't time so here are some silly ones from before I drank anything... I got the dress for £45 down from £169 in Urban Outfitters a couple of weeks before my birthday, tried it on and fell in love and could not leave it behind, so my sister kindly lent me the money to get it (it was the end of term and I'm a poor student so) and I LOVE IT. The only problem was that the beading and gems did rub against my arm and scratch it quite badly. I look like I was attacked by a cat. I'm not sure if I can blame the dress for that because it probably was my fault for just moving about weird.

I had a lovely birthday week with my best pal and housemate Ellen (first photo) who also turned 21. Her and my other wonderful housemates got me the star necklace that you can barely see in the last photo which I completely adore and never want to take off - though I do because apparently you aren't meant to wear special jewellery in the shower/ in bed/ while doing yoga.

I'm no doubt going to recycle even more photos from the various different birthday things we did, I'd quite like to blog the alien make up we did for one of our nights out but the main reason for the recycling and the rushed posts is that I have deadlines and exams and uni stuff that I need to prioritise. Also my health, that needs prioritising too because I always end up getting more and more ill during exam season. 

Provided I'm organised I shall see you on Wednesday, post French exam, with some sort of outfit or alien make up post....


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