Sunday 9 April 2017


I have always longed for naturally curly hair. I really want a perm but everyone keeps telling me it's a bad idea (lame) I just want my hair to permanently look like this. I only started curling my hair like this recently and though it takes longer than how I usually wear my hair - just rolled out of bed hair- I adore it and can make it last around 3 days which is fab. 

I love how bouncy and toddler like it is and how it sort of hides the fact I need a haircut by creating the illusion that I have got one and that it's shorter... I just LOVE it so I thought I'd tell you how I achieve this.

I start off with my hair half up in a bun to start curling the first layer. This can be a bit tricky on me because I have short hair and I do nearly burn my ear with the straighteners every time. 

I use straighteners to achieve these curls, by clamping shut right by the roots and slowly twisting under / away from my head, wrapping the hair back up, holding for up to 10 seconds then letting go.

As I have a fringe and it was annoying me I curled this next. I generally separate it into 3 equal ish sections, curl each as before, tightly from the root. Curling my fringe was scary at first, because I knew once it was curled that was it but I think it would look weird if I didn't now tbh.

Next, I let down the lower half of the bun and tie the rest back up again. If needs be, brush through this before curling. 

Then, as before, go around curling this layer. I also find it useful to use a bit of hairspray after this step.

I then let down the rest of my hair, and separate down my parting.

In large-ish sections I go round this layer curling each section exactly as previously done.

To complete the look, I separate much smaller, wispy sections of hair to curl tighter, around the top of my hair and towards the front to shape my face.

Finally, I style with a bit of dry shampoo to make it fluffy and hairspray to hold in place for as long as possible!

Let me know if you try this yourself or if you like or hate it! I love wearing my hair like this, I just think it's so cute and easy and very me.



  1. This seriously looks so funky!! You look straight out of a movie. My hair is a tad longer than yours and I have a fringe too so will deffo be trying it out - I find short hair and a fringe doesn't always offer much in the way of hairstyles but this is so so cute.

    Imo xxx

  2. Thanks so much Imo! Definitely give it a try, it'd look so nice with longer hair! x

  3. That lighting and the colour of your hair is to die for! Love your stuff and overall look of your blog! <-- mine if you would like to have a look!


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