Sunday 19 March 2017


Top - Urban outfitters
Jacket - Levis
Bag - Primark
Skirt - Vintage upcycle
Boots - New look

Turns out despite being from the rainiest place in the world I'm never weather ready, I have no coats with hoods and until yesterday no umbrella... and neither did Ellen so we took very few photos under rain soaked roses (I don't think they're roses) and then practically ran to the shops.

Yesterday I had rather a nightmare with just about everything but in particular, my septum piercing.. It fell out -which is a long story in itself- I had to go and buy new jewellery for it and ask a piercer to put it in for me because I'm incapable, it hurt more than getting it pierced in the first place and still feels just a little weird.

The skirt I'm wearing is an upcycle of a vintage 50s dress my Mum did for herself but gave to me and I hadn't worn it yet (also didn't bother ironing it,, oooops) and I really really like it. I always used to admire the dress in her wardrobe and I've always thought the colours were just beautiful. I really like it paired with my garish purple crop top and my super shiny boots which do not see the sun enough. Also, fishnets, fishnets with everything. 

I have a habit of not wanting to wash my hair so dutch braiding my fringe to the side which I really like although in a sort of love / hate way. I don't like having my fringe out of my face because I just don't feel like myself but if it looks gross this is definitely the best alternative.

Maybe next time I plan to take outfit photos I'll check the weather first...


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  1. I love the look of that outfit! The vibrant violet colour of your Urban Outfitters top is gorgeous, as is the print on that beautiful Vintage Upcycle skirt! Your classic Levis blue denim jacket l and fishnet hosiery look fabulous styled in the OOTD. Your hair looked very pretty as well, despite the rain.


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