Thursday 23 March 2017


Dress - Glamorous 
Shoes - Newlook

So it's Thursday and I have some beautiful photos I've been desperate to share since taking on Sunday but as a busy person with priorities I forced myself to wait until now and I'm so glad you finally get to enjoy them all. This outfit is beautiful, for so many reasons. I stole the dress from my mum (with permission) she altered it for me and I wore it to a wonderful persons funeral. I wasn't sure if I'd ever wear the dress again and I especially didn't think I'd blog it because of the sadness attached to it but wearing it, though inevitably reassuring the sadness in my head and in my heart, made me feel reflective and mellow and adequate. She would have liked this dress. 

I don't think I'll wear it often at all, but I will be keeping it and will always have a fondness for it.

This post may appear to have way too many photos, this is because it does. I can't remember how many Ellen took but they were all incredible beyond belief and this is as little as I could possibly share. I never thought our student garden would be good enough for blog photos but it appears I have never been more wrong.

I'm fussy with florals but am always extremely fond of autumnal florals with lots of dark reds and greens and yellows so this dress is perfect in my eyes. I love the sleeves and the length and I actually really thought it suited my Mum much better than me but she insisted I should have it because she's silly.

Lately I've been trying to pay a lot more attention to the way I think and why I'm thinking what I'm thinking and sort of attempting to deconstruct thoughts that lead to feeling low. It's interesting and I think it's working, regardless of whether there's a good outcome or not I can't see the harm in just being a little more in tune with my own head.

I need more clarity and zen and focus and I think I can be all of those things eventually. Let's be honest what I want is to be a happy hippy which is not news to anyone at all...

Since I last posted it has become Spring and I'm so glad it's finally here, the sun actually being out in the evenings is what makes me happiest, or shining through my curtains to wake me up in the morning. I'm so ready to wear socks and sandals and dresses and sunglasses but at the same time do not want the rest of this year to happen quickly at all, I want to be able to enjoy every single second.



  1. These photos are beautiful! You look adorable xxx

  2. Your sentimentality is very sweet and beautiful - and so is your mum's Glamorous dress that she altered for you. That autumnal floral print is very pretty. It looks very nice styled with the ruffle-heemd Milk-it jacket. I agree with Frankee - you do look adorable - and your OOTD is very pretty.


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