Sunday 26 February 2017

rain rain go away (...I wanted to take photos outside today)

Top - Primark

So I spent the majority of my day feeling sorry for myself (because I have a slight cold) in my room and only really left to do a food shop with my Dad. I planned on going outside and taking proper outfit photos but it was tooooo rainy and I didn't have a tripod or anyone to take them unfortunately... I did however have the capability to balance a camera on a jar on the desk in my room and pop a timer on so I guess that's good enough!

I love how flippy my hair feels lately and I wasn't sure if I'd like my short hair teamed with a Bardot top but I actually love it, I also love that frills and gingham are quite cool at the moment. If my entire wardrobe could be gingham and covered in frills it would be.

The past week has been weird I've been a bit dizzy and out of it due to medication and I actually don't remember much of whatever the hell I've been doing. I know I went to uni. I know I went to a funeral and I know I cried a lot. But I'm definitely sort of not all here and I really hope that fades soon.

I'm now going to have a bowl of cereal and binge watch tv.



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