Sunday 21 August 2016

The Denim Smock

Denim Smock Dress - asos (here), Shoes - Daisy Street (here), Bag - Primark

Oh look India has another denim dress... that probably could have done with an iron but to be fair I had been wearing it all day so I think it's excusable. This is yet another addiction to my wardrobe that my mother has pointed out has extraordinary similarity to my entire childhood wardrobe which isn't at all surprising. Six year old me dressed incredibly well and if I could steal and enlarge that entire wardrobe for me to wear today I definitely would.

I bought this dress in the tall variation - because it was on offer and I'm not short - so it possibly is not supposed to be knee length and though on ordering I expected to want to chop it shorter I actually love this length, I don't have enough dresses of such an appropriate daytime length and I love it. I also think the length suits the height of the heel on my shoes rather well. 

I have needed a pair of cute Mary Jane's for a while. yes, needed. These are faux suede and have a gold shimmer and are just so so lovely, they are my second pair of shoes from daisy street and I am once again overwhelmed by how comfortable they are. If you're a fan I'd definitely recommend snapping them up (linked above) before they go as they are currently on sale and so worth it. 

This post feels like a little bit of a lie because up until about half an hour before these photos were taken it was and had been raining since before I woke up and I had been forced into wearing my Dr Martens and borrowing my Mom's umbrella in order to carry out my plans. I met up with my lovely friend Heidi and her boyfriend to do some shopping and I had a really nice time and didn't spend my entire pay check so that's great. I then came home, slipped into these shoes and got my Dad and then my Mom to take these photos which was incredibly nice of them because I've been super moody today... a n y w a y let's hope I get lot's of opportunities to show off these sparkly shoes.


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