Friday 19 August 2016

Back at it again..

Damnnn India, back at it again (?) with the white vans... I don't really think there was any other way I could have started this post, whether you can say back at it again when I've only just bought them I have no idea. White shoes definitely aren't the most sensible but I've wanted a pair of Old Skool vans for a while now and when I saw these in true white I couldn't not get them, which wasn't anything I had felt with previous colours I had considered getting. 

I originally found these on Zalando but after a bit of shopping around and discovering new shops I ended up buying them from Cloggs where they were on sale and I managed to get an extra 15% off with Unidays so I was pretty happy. They're super super comfy and I love how bright they are and how they contrast with the ridiculous amount of blue denim I own, They have as well made me want new socks which isn't a bad thing but I think getting some new glittery, ridiculous socks would look really really cool.

These are fully canvas and there is no leather on them which was also a swaying point since I'm vegan and don't particularly want any leather shoes ever. The stripe on them is 'leather look' which concerned me a bit but after close inspection and googling I'm pretty sure it is faux but unfortunately that's just something you have to deal with when shoe shopping as a vegan, no one is ever quite clear enough and of course I have no idea what the glue etc is made from but I like these shoes and I've done the best I can.

Feel free to let me know whether you love or hate these as I'm interested to find out...



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