Sunday 7 August 2016

Stars and Constellations

Body - Primark, Skirt and Belt - Asos, Boots - Dr Martens

It's safe to say yesterday I did not expect it to be nearly as warm as it was, I don't put my fringe back often but it was too warm and it neeeeeded to be out of my face hence the stupid hair. It looks okay but I am definitely not going to make a habit of doing it though I will bare it in mind for warmer days I guess..

Yesterday I visited the Vogue100 exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery again and I still love it as much and still want to steal every single picture of Jean Shrimpton, it's honestly such a beautiful exhibition. 

This isn't actually the outfit I wore during the day but I had been eyeing up this little star print body in primark for a while so I bought it and put it on as soon as I got home. It's adorable, once again it reminds me of childrens clothes and I just love the ditsy star print. It's also just perfect for weather like yesterday's, when you're so warm that you sort of need to wear as little as possible without being over-exposed and I love it with the length of my Denim skirt. For only £4 I don't think I could have gotten away without buying it if I'm honest..


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