Sunday 14 August 2016

Badges and Breakfast

Since being at home I've been slowly rummaging through and sorting some old stuff and I came across some badges and broaches just in the nick of time before I broke the bank to buy some cute meaningless ones. These are the 3 I have been wearing on all my denim bits and bobs and they're so cute, there are a few more I've found but am just not quite sure on how to wear yet and I reckon before I move back to Nottingham I should raid the local charity shops for some sparkly ones. 

The cat one, though awkward and falls off just whenever it feels like it is freakin' adorable and my Mom bought it for me at a vintage market years ago as if she knew I would suddenly love it one day, which I do. The other two are from when I was at brownies so at least 10 years ago. The yellow one is just the girl guides logo thing and the little hat is for Stockport, where I'm quite proudly from and though I am slightly concerned that I probably shouldn't be wearing them because I am no longer in the brownies I think they're really sweet and look pretty damn cool.

If you're wondering, my breakfast was porridge with lot's of berries and a big mug of coffee which is my current fave and has got me pretty excited for colder autumn mornings...



  1. Aw, these look so cute! I have been considering buying some pins from depop but you've reminded me I definitely have some lying around. I seem to remember I had a badge maker at one point :')

    // xx

    1. Ah yes I definitely had a badge maker at one point too! They were fab! x

  2. Okay so how beautiful is the cat one?? Seriously, I'm in love <3

    ps: I've been loving porridge too. Sometimes it's my breakfast and also my dinner :)


    1. Oooh porridge for dinner sounds like a fab idea! x


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