Wednesday 20 July 2016

With The Utmost Sincerity

Top - Primark, Jeans - Asos, Boots - Newlook, Bag - UO
Yes utmost is a word and it means what I want it to shh

It's the return of the bardot tops for me this summer although I'm not sure they actually went anywhere as they are probably the only constant in my ever growing wardrobe. This one, unfortunately, is nothing new, it was bought in primark at least a year ago by my mother and either given to me or stolen by me and I have loved it ever since. Oddly I hadn't actually worn it with jeans until the other day and I'm so glad I decided to pair it with my asos Ridley's, which are a bit big but with a belt look super cool and put together.

This outfit makes me feel like I can do anything, it tricks me into thinking I'm productive and a woman of success even when actually I'm just drinking a lot of coffee and dancing around doing not much of anything useful. I also feel like I look great in this outfit which is good and I shouldn't feel silly for saying that because there is nothing at all wrong with thinking I look fab.

Today was ridiculously warm and after a wonderful morning in Manchester Art Gallery the humidity made my hair feel so gross and it needed to be kept up. I love it being sunny but I do not like being too warm.

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You may have noticed this outfit on my instagram a few weeks ago (see above) and it has been one of my faves since and top of my to blog list though today was definitely far too warm for jeans and boots...



  1. I love this outfit! I still haven't got on board with the bardot trend but I think I need to! x

    1. Thanks Bethan! Oh you definitely should, they're my fave!! x

  2. Ah this outfit is perfect girl! I love how you've styled the top! x


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