Sunday 24 July 2016


Denim Skirt - asos, Bardot top & Bag - Primark, Hat, Shoes and Sunglasses - H&M

Oh look another bardot top from India's collection, what a total and utter shock... I actually don't know what I love so much about them, I think I just find having bra straps and clothing in general on my shoulders irritating which is possibly a little odd...

I'm not sure if this counts as a proper outfit post but you've seen this skirt a million other times on my blog, most recently here and here so I didn't think it was quite worth it. Plus, these happen to be my favourite pictures anyone has taken of me for a long time - thank you Eden - so I thought we'd stick to my shoulders. 

We weren't actually going to leave the house but since my bedroom felt like a green house anyway I figured I may aswell be outside and drag Eden with me and make the most of the rare Stockport sunshine. We didn't wander far before being too warm and I was super glad of my sun hat.



  1. I'm hugely into the bardot tops aswell, and have the same one from Primarni! They just look so much more special that a normal top. And that last picture looks like one taken on film, with the sunlight glinting underneath your hat, beaaautiful! xx

    1. Snap! Completely agree, they feel so much more special. Thank you so much! xx


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