Wednesday 27 July 2016


Skirt and bag - Primark, Top - Monki, Belt and Shoes - Asos

Ooh look it's me in that pink skirt again... I am literally going to wear this skirt until it is falling apart because I just completely adore it. I love pretending I'm a ballerina since I certainly can't dance as eloquently as one and could never actually be one. 

I also love this top from Monki. Monki t-shirts are my all time fave, in fact I think Monki is just my fave high street shop at all for anything but they're t-shirts are the best, they're far too affordable and either have super cool slogans or adorable doodles or prints and I'm obsessed. This one says on it 'don't hide in the bush' with an illustration of legs and heels poking out the bottom of a bush with peachy flowers or berries on it and I love it so much. 

Hiding in a bush is something I'm surprised I've never done, especially when I was the most awkward little young teen and once wore sunglasses in the hope people couldn't see my eyes and therefore my emotions or even worse my soul - oh anxiety, how I love you so - hiding in a bush never actually occurred to me but I'll definitely consider it in future awkward situations.

I'm still not sure how I feel about Summer as a whole, I think it is going relatively quickly which is good, I wish the weather would stay sunny and between 13-18 degrees but unfortunately I don't think mother nature takes requests.

Anyhow I hope you're all having a swell week whether you're binge watching gilmore girls on netflix and eating too many snacks like me or actually being productive...



  1. The skirt and top are so cute! and I love your hairstyle :)


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