Sunday 19 June 2016

Brixton Blondie

Dungarees - Topshop, Blouse - Vintage Laura Ashley, Jacket - Missguided, Bag - UO

I have spent far too much time on trains this past week, I'm home this weekend for Father's day, and I spent a few days in London with one of my favourite humans, Helena, who very kindly took these pictures for me in Brixton, as well as talking me into buying far too much delicious vegan food which my bank balance certainly isn't happy about but I enjoyed the eating so all is well.

I really liked exploring bits of London I hadn't seen and meeting Helena's pals and just spending time with one of my fave people. It of course wouldn't have been right for me not to pack some dungarees because I practically live in them and I needed to blog my new-ish vintage Laura Ashley blouse I bought from Cow in Notts and I loveeee it, mostly just with my dungarees but it is reminiscent of primary school blouses and I think we are all aware how much I love dressing like a toddler.

Now that it's supposedly summer I've been wearing orange lipstick with everything and this one is 'My Beautiful Rocket' from limecrime and it's super orange and bright and beautiful and I'm in love with it, especially now my hair isn't orange and it's my favourite colour. Oh yeah and I dyed my hair blonde.. again.

Happy Sunday! 




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