Sunday 22 May 2016

Solar Powered

(this is Molly, she's dead cute, follow her on instagram here)

Top - Newlook, Jeans & Belt - asos, Bag - UO, Shoes - Converse X CDG

I got new jeans! I definitely didn't need new jeans but I wanted them so I got them. They are the Ridley Jeans from asos and I love how they fit. I did however need a new belt so the asos order was somewhat justified... I know it's summer and now probably isn't the time for dark indigo skinny jeans but I like them though can confirm that they aren't the best thing to wear in 20°C heat.

I had my first exam this week ad I think it went okay *touch wood*, I have two more to go that I am revising and stressing for. I have realised the actual exam never worries me at all, I'm fine with answering questions and writing essays, instead I worry far too much about whether I'll wake up on time and that if I don't have a substantial breakfast before hand I might get hungry during my exam or that I'll forget the alphabet and how to write and spell. So that's fun...

Since it becoming sunnier I have very much also realised that I am solar powered. My mum posted something on instagram the other day about the fact that she got tonnes of work done because it was sunny and I have realised I'm also most productive when the sun is out, I don't even need to go outside it's just the presence of it. It keeps me happy and moderately motivated. I imagine this is not that unusual.

You may have noticed that one of the photos above is not of me.. That is my pal Molly who I love dearly and have seen rather a lot of during breaks from revision in the past week but today (I'm writing this on Tuesday 17th) she's gone back up north because that's where she lives and I'm already sad about it and I only saw her a couple of hours ago so that's possibly a bit silly but I'm sure other people feel exactly the same way about their friends.



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