Sunday 17 April 2016

Welcome to your 20s.

Top- Made by me, Skirt- Asos, Watch - Casio, Necklace - Topshop

So yesterday I turned 20 and considering it was also my first birthday away from my family I had a really fab day. If you're following me on instagram you may have noticed that I was eating ice-cream at 11am which I now think wasn't the best idea but I did it anyway. I don't think I'd have done that had I been at home with my family...

Despite me not seeing them I did speak very briefly to my littlest brother and my Mom on facetime which was nice and my mom painted me a beautiful birthday card (I'll pop a photo below) which was the best surprise to get in the post. As you may have noticed I also made the top I was wearing, it's very much tradition for me to wear something new or something my mom has specifically made me for my birthday, and with her help, I made this oversized peplum with this stunning vintage floral from her fabric stash. I'd wanted a top like this for a long while and I love it.

This is the card my Mom painted...❤️

I spent my birthday doing lot's of fun things, I danced around to Blondie records on my own in my room, I went to Nottingham Contemporary with a couple of my flatmates and saw the Simon Starling exhibition which was really cool, and then got take-out wagamamas and ate cake and drank gin with some of my favourite people. If you know me personally at all you're possibly aware that I don't really like birthday's but I did have a really really lovely day.

Thank you to anyone who wished me a good day and happy Sunday!


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