Sunday 3 April 2016

Spring In The North

Cardigan - Primark, Dungarees - Topshop, Top - UO, Shoes - Dr Martens

As you may have noticed I have come home to the North from my usual Nottingham student life and it's so much colder here. I never thought I'd notice such a difference in temperature when I travel between the two but I really do. This of course means that this day I was also wearing a coat but quite frankly I'm sick of posting pictures with the same coat on my blog. 

I'm definitely ready for it to get warmer, today I sorted through my wardrobe, and swapped all of my winter clothes (big jumpers, wool skirts etc) for my summer things, maybe too early but I reckon I can layer up things so that I'm warm enough! My dungarees are of course a firm favourite ALL year round so for this lovely spring day (it was cold) I paired it with a ringer tee and cardigan and was very much too cold but I think I looked cool and that's the most important thing...

Another new favourite spring thing is super glittery pinky peach make up, especially on my eyes! I'm not at all good at my make up I sort of just put it on and hope for the best but I really love and aspire to a peachy glowy face every day. If you're at all interested in my make up inspiration then feel free to follow my make-up pin board on pinterest here!


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