Wednesday 30 March 2016

Early Birthday Stripes

Dress - Forever21

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I'm not keen on surprises. Nice surprises are usually good but regardless I don't react well and because of this my sister decided to half tell me what she was getting me for my birthday and then gave it to me. My birthday isn't until the 16th of April (feel free to write that in your diary) but I maybe did wear this almost a month early and I intend to keep wearing it. I think you'll probably see it on the blog more than once as here I literally popped it on with some tights and boots and took some photos out of excitement. 

I love stripes, I don't know why but they make simple items of clothing so much more interesting and pirate-esque and I adore that. I of course have striped t-shirts already in my wardrobe, my striped cropped bardot being one of my faves, but I neither had a striped dress or a t-shirt dress so when Eden and I spotted this we both thought it was pretty cool.

I find it difficult to dress casual, I have to put effort in or I'll feel sluggish and that's just the way I am. Though that never means I sacrifice being comfortable and this dress is certainly that. I doubt it will last a life time but I can picture wearing it with sandals in summer and layering it up in winter, it is so flippin' versatile and I love it. I also of course love Eden for being a fab sister and getting it for me.



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  1. Super dress for work or formal wear and I can definitely see it working outside the office too <3


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