Sunday 28 February 2016

My Not So Extensive Vinyl Collection And Wishlist

Since John bought me my record player for Christmas 2014 I have been a little obsessed with it and built up a very small number of records, all of which I love a lot.

The first album I had on vinyl was Parallel Lines by Blondie which John bought me along with the record player, I think it's my favourite Blondie album and because they are my all time favourite band ever John also very kindly bought me Autoamerican at another point which is also a great album. 

1989 is my most recent record, John bought it me for valentines day (can you see a theme here?) and if you know me at all then you probably also know that I love Taylor Swift and this album very much and having it on vinyl is brilliant. 

These next three albums I bought myself. Jake Bugg Shangri La was bought from Rough Trade in Shoreditch during a trip to London with John only about a week after getting my record player and though I bought it brand new it did come with a scratch on it which was very annoying at first but after having it for a while it has become part of the charm of listening to it. I bought ACϟDC high voltage shortly after from Rough Trade in Nottingham as it's an album I've always liked quite a lot and then later on with an amazon voucher I received for my 19th birthday I bought Pixies Indie Cindy which was completely new for me, I'd hardly listened to Pixies before at all but I knew my Mum liked them so I assumed I would and I do and I'm very glad I bought it.

And finally a 50p charity shop find by my mother; Doris Day's greatest hits, at 50p it's fair to say this was an incredible bargain and I do love it, I don't listen to it as much as I should but it's very cheery and makes me feel like it's the 1950s which is pretty cool.

W I S H L I S T:

1. I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it - The 1975

This is an incredible album that has only been released today (I'm writing this post on 26/02/2016) and I've so far had it on repeat all day and would adore it on vinyl, I don't have much else to say other than the fact I already, after only a few hours, am in love with it. I don't have their first album on vinyl either which I also love but John has it so I do get to listen to it when I'm at his house!

2. Rumours - Fleetwood Mac

I like Fleetwood Mac and I feel like since The Chain and Don't Stop are a couple of my favourites of theirs that this album would be a good place to start a little collection.

3. Eat to the Beat and Plastic Letters and every other Blondie album ever please?
This might be a bit excessive or boring but I just adore Blondie so so so so very much and I never tire of listening to them and I mean Debbie Harry, surely she is excuse enough.

Let me know if there's anything you particularly love on vinyl or just anything you think I should listen to at all, this might not be a usual post for me but I love music and any recommendations of what I should be listening to is greatly appreciated!


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