Wednesday 24 February 2016


This weekend my sister Eden and her pal Kayleigh came to stay with me for a couple of nights, giving me an excuse to shop and explore the city I live in a little more than ordinary as well as the excuse to eat lot's of chips....

This isn't a post with any particular topic to talk about so I am a little bit lost with what I'm rambling about if I'm honest. It was a really lovely weekend and it was very strange when they both went home because my room was suddenly a lot tidier and quieter and a little more boring than I had become accustomed to. Eden had actually never stayed over with me in Nottingham before, she had only visited for a day previously so I hope she enjoyed getting to know Notts a little bit better, I would say they both got a taste of what life is like when you move out to uni but I'm really not too sure if I'm the most accurate representation. We didn't do too much out of the ordinary but regardless it was lovely.

I have since the weekend caught a disgusting cold from Eden which is making me feel too tired to do anything that productive.

I read a very lovely positive blog post the other day and unfortunately I can't remember where but inspired by that I'm going to come up with some positive things which have happened since getting my cold to try and cheer me up a little....

1. Today is my flatmate's 21st birthday and last night we blew up 30 balloons and hung up banners to surprise her this morning and it was rather successful...

2. I bought the most beautiful dress from the Zara sale at the weekend and I'm so ridiculously excited to wear and blog about it. It is B E A U T I F U L!

3. Because I've been ill I've watched a few films and tv programmes on Netflix that I hadn't seen but will definitely be watching again.

I hope that if you've also got a rubbishy cold you can find some positives in it too!



  1. Aw hope you're feeling better soon! I've never been to Nottingham actually, would love to visit and explore!

    Jasmin Charlotte


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