Sunday 27 December 2015

Christmas With CDG x Converse | New Shoes and Christmas Day Outfit ❤️

Because I have both the best and the worst boyfriend in the world, in that he picked something I had never before seen and didn't know existed to give me for Christmas and knew I would love it... but because he is also the worst he also had the check with me that they were okay first....

Admittedly I was totally unaware as to whether I'd be getting high or low tops, black or white but I did know he was getting me some Comme Des Garcons x Converse for Christmas and I am head over heels in love with them! I haven't owned converse since I was probably about 10 years old and back then they were a hideous turquoise and pink check pattern which I can't say I remember fondly but these are SO me. I honestly think that John knew what I wanted for Christmas better than I did because these fit into my wardrobe so well and accompany a red lip better than any other shoe could.

I am incredibly grateful for them and everything else I received, some of which I'm sure will appear on my blog at some point very soon, and maybe I'll even manage to get my ukulele on here!

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Top - Newlook , Skirt - H&M , Shoes - CDG x Converse , Coat - Topshop

I very foolishly went shopping on Christmas eve to find the perfect skirt to wear the following day, it was crazy busy but I managed to find this lovely faux leather mini skirt which I am very happy with indeed. I decided recently that I don't own enough plain skirts that  I can pair with other patterns and had been hoping to find a leather skirt at a decent price so that I could feel a little bit badass whilst wearing my usual turtle necks, blouses and jumpers. It also reminds me of Clara Oswald but I say that far too much and need to stop referring to Doctor Who this often...

I also love it with my new converse, they add the perfect pop of colour to this monochrome look, with the iconic 'P L A Y' heart which allows for my new Jeffree Star Red Lippy to be worn which I'm also soooo in love with and promise to blog about.

I hope you all had a super lovely Christmas or bank holiday or just ate some nice food or bought nice things in the sale!



  1. They are really cute :3

    Ana ♥ N/POST

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  3. I love your hair color) So bright) I always liked red girls, but I can dye my hair red, cause it looks awful on me) But anyways, you look gorgeous. Red hair with a rock fashion style - what can be better? I know what - my review! Nah, just kidding. You rock, girl! Hope you will get all you want from this life.

  4. Those converse look so great on you! And I love the whole outfit as well :) I am totally getting back to read more of your posts here right after I finish my order from this translation agency. Thank you for posting!


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