Sunday 25 October 2015

Pull Your Socks Up!

Skirt - Me Made Maude / Top - Primark / Bag - Urban Outfitters / Shoes - River Island

I have been poorly all week and I'm so sick of it! I know that having a bad cold isn't the worst thing in the world but I really hate having to lie in bed all day in order not to feel worse. At first I was forcing myself to go into uni despite not being even remotely well enough and I honestly think it just tired me out and by Wednesday I pretty much didn't remove myself from my bed unless absolutely necessary. Like having to go out and buy more ibuprofen... and booja booja hunky punky ice cream... obviously.

Today I popped out with my flatmates to buy some stationery type stuff I needed and to get Halloween decorations and I wore my favourite sparkly top because in all serious-ness I think glitter actually indirectly makes me a little better just by cheering me up. Unfortunately the one thing I completely forgot to do before having Laura take my photos was to pull my socks up... They are in fact over the knee socks but they don't seem to like to stay up.

Although I definitely still have a pretty bad cold I am starting to perk up and am intending on being well soon as my lippy suggests. I have bought some Vitamin B12 supplements in the hope that they might help with my general energy levels but if anyone has any healthy, vegan suggestions for just keeping going and awake in cold and flu season I would really appreciate it because I do not want to have a constant cold, I know I can't prevent it entirely but I will certainly be trying my best!!

I hope you're having a happy Sunday and I will speak to you on Wednesday my lovelies with some Halloween treats I hope!



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