Sunday 6 September 2015

'So long Summer' Watermelon Smoothie Recipe

Though this blog post is technically a break from my Paris uploads it is related rather directly to my trip to Paris. All summer I have been lusting after some sort of watermelon drink just from seeing people having them on youtube and when I came across a watermelon drink in Exki I was desperate to try it, and since trying it have decided to try to emulate it because it was SO refreshing. It is a great way to start your mornings or to end your evenings, being so light and easy.

There's no special method to getting this smoothie right apart from the ingredients. All you'll need is:

Enough Watermelon Chunks to completely fill your glass of choice.

A handful of fresh Mint, ripped up.

A mug of Green Tea.

Half a cup of Ice cubes.

The way I measure this out should probably be more mathematical but it is sort of done by eye. so feel free to alter anything and to taste it to see how you'd like it. If you prefer super sweet drinks you could also add in a little bit of agave or coconut sugar.

Once blended I like to sieve or strain this drink as you do end up with a thick frothy layer that also happens to contain all the seeds that you don't particularly want to drink. This step is definitely optional but I think completely worth it.

Although the ingredients are not incredibly impressive they are all in fact really good for you for different reasons, Watermelon especially is a sort of super food in itself, It may be 92% water which makes it super hydrating but it also manages to contain significant levels of Vitamins A, B6 and C as well as lycopene, antioxidants and amino acids. Vitamin B6, which is of course a B complex vitamin plays an important role in the conversion of food into energy, whilst Vitamin A and C both benefit visual health and the immune system and A also aids bone growth and the reproductive system. 

Mint is known to aid and relax digestion which of course if a good thing as well as Green Tea being said to improve brain function, fat loss and to lower the risk of cancer, So essentially this delicious beverage is also very good for you in a multitude of ways! 

If you try this recipe please do let me know how it goes, either here or over on twitter or instagram! What are your favourite smoothie recipes? (So I can try them before Summer is completely gone!)



  1. That drink looks so tasty, I've never thought of using watermelon in a smoothie style!

    infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane

    1. I hadn't until I tried it on holiday, It is a lot more watery than a normal smoothie but it is SO good!

  2. I'm SO in love with your blog, so cute!Following you *_*

    Ana ♥


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