Sunday 27 September 2015

Knobbly knees and felt hats

Socks and Jumper - Primark / Boots - Dr Martens / Skirt - Maude by Lazy Seamstress (made by me)

Hat - Topshop

I'd like to call this a transitional outfit although I don't quite think I have the grasp of transitional exactly right. What I mean by that is it was definitely too warm for a felt hat. I've been trying to experiment a bit with my Maude recently since it's definitely my most loved skirt and I think it looks really cute with this collared jumper and knee high socks. Knee high socks aren't usually something I'd be caught dead in as I think they can look a bit silly and draw too much attention to my legs, but I think they really complimented and drew attention to fact I had henna roses on my leg which I was obsessed with and am really rather sad about fading. I imagine you'll be seeing a lot more of this skirt on my blog over autumn/winter/my life as I do just completely adore it. If you're any good at sewing, or want to be and are as obsessed with A-line skirts as me, I really think you should grab a Maude pattern here and get making because it was so easy and I'm not the most confident at sewing and I managed. My Mum may have designed the pattern but honestly it's just such a beautiful skirt.



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