Wednesday 19 August 2015

Vegan What I Ate Today | 3

9.15am Breakfast

For Breakfast today I had one of my most favourite toast toppings EVER! Avocado *insert heart eyes emoji here* I love avocado on toast possibly more than I love coffee which is a damn lot. Avocados though are usually rather pricey so when I spotted a large avocado at 39p in Lidl I made sure we added two to our trolley, granted I had to wait for a while for them to ripen it was well worth it! I didn't actually finish all of this as it was rather filling but it was the perfect start to my day.

1.30pm Lunch

I went to my boyfriends for the day to pack and organise ourselves for our trip to Paris so instead of creating more things to be doing whilst we were there I made us a packed lunch. I ate all the Pasta Salad and we shared the Pitta Bread and Houmous and it was great. I like to add smoked paprika to houmous and I ended up putting some in the salad. It was such a quick lunch, I definitely need to remember this when I'm back at Uni.

No Coffee Today :(

After sorting out things for PAris and running around we went to costa in the hope of a coffee but as the machine was broken I decide to try the Green Tea, Lime and Mint Cooler which I did not like... It was OK but far too sweet for me so I drank less than half which is rather rubbish and I don't feel like I should be including it but hey. On the way home we also bought some rosemary and garlic Kettle chips which I had a hand full of and they were good! 


When I got home my Dad had been to Wing Yip in Manchester to get a few bits including a wok for me since I set fire to my last one and he had bought Peanut Butter Mochi which was incredible, I love mochi regardless but I was enchanted by the idea that it had peanut butter in it, it was heavenly! 

8.20pm Dinner

For dinner we had white rice, noodles with bean sprouts, tempeh with onions and green pepper and chinese curry sauce and it was rather good. I didn't quite finish this plate but I did enjoy it although afterwards I definitely had another peanut butter mochi and some strawberries. I also later on had a tomato and basil panini but let's forget about that random midnight snack shall we... I was clearly quite hungry.




  1. I'm in love with your blog! :) I love, love, love your style and you're so beautiful!


    1. Aw thank you Sara!! This genuinely means so much! :)

      India xx

  2. I've never thought of having avocado for breakfast but I will definitely try it as I love it so much!

    Infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane

    1. I'm not actually sure why I do, I think I just find breakfast quite mundane at times! It is great though! xx


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