Wednesday 26 August 2015

Paris Planning in my Fashionary

I got my Fashionary for Christmas last year and I had never heard of them but they are incredible! I don't think I quite saw the potential until I started using it but honestly I adore it. If I have anything special to plan outfits or clothes I want myself or my Mum to make I reach straight for my fashionary and start doodling. I do treat it like I would any sketch book and, possibly to your horror, I'm quite messy and scribbly and everywhere with my sketchbooks. I think trying to keep ideas and creativity clean and neat for me would just be ridiculous and I'd never get anything done, plus I think my Fashionary looks fabulous with the amount of clutter it has on each page! 

I planned 6 outfits for my 7 days in Paris in here and plan to blog them all (no promises). I have since realised I should have used a double page for this but I didn't like the idea of leaving a page between ideas it just seemed silly! I wanted to plan my outfits for this trip because in what I hope to be such a beautiful place I can't quite bear the thought of blagging my outfits or packing even slightly, I think all these outfits will be weather appropriate and I'm just very excited to go! I'm not the most well traveled person but I do hope to be one day and I'm very much looking forward to ticking Paris off my list! 



  1. A fashionary seems like such a fun idea, I may have to invest one. I always doubt my artistic skills but if I set my mind to it, I'm sure I would love seeing what I can produce.

    Infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane

    1. My artistic skills are definitely not amazing but I love a good doodle and planning my outfits was rather successful, the fashionary is such a good tool! x

  2. such a nice idea to plan outfits visually, need to get me one of those sketchbooks! totally agree with the whole messy sketchbooks are better thing.. I do love a beautiful sketchbook but they just look so much more raw and original when they're messy!

    1. I completely agree! I think sketchbooks are where the mess is acceptable! x


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